How job seekers prepare during coronavirus pandemic recession recruiters hiring trends

Below is a summary of The Business Insider article.

The state of hiring in the US is currently bleak and uncertain. Companies are bracing for whatever comes next. Expect extended job searches. If you don’t absolutely have to find a new job, stay where you are. New employees are at greater risk of being laid off if the pandemic worsens and companies are forced to shrink their workforce. In short, many companies are freezing job searches. Now is not the time to be on the market.

Distressing trend: We are seeing a shift from a hiring marketing where job seekers have the upper hand to a scenario where companies have more of the power. Job seekers will likely have to settle for lower salaries than expected. Negotiating will be key. Advice: seek stock options or other elements that may bolster the total compensation package.

Some companies will actually be fast-tracking C-Level job searches because strategy and leadership are essential to weathering the pandemic. Some of the companies seeking to secure leadership at this level may be considered recession, or pandemic, proof. For example Healthcare, Food, and Pharma are not currently being affected. Job seekers may also want to look at “stay at home” companies like Netflix, Zoom, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., as these companies will actually be more in demand during the pandemic.

Current job seekers need to bolster and emphasize their experience working from home. As telecommuting becomes more prevalent, employers are going to be looking for people with a proven track record of working remotely, and with minimal supervision. Job seekers to get up to speed on the required tech as quickly as possible (zoom tutorials and LinkedIn learning can help), as well as emphasizing skills that are essential to working remotely: strong communication, organization, and responsibility/discipline.

Job seekers must research, identify, and target companies are still thriving/hiring – and recognize or avoid those freezing job searches or conducting layoffs. Look for trends in the job market. What companies are being utilized, or growing, more during the pandemic? What organizations appear immune to the effects of recessions or quarantining? It is important for job seekers to apply strategically. Don’t apply to work for a professional sports team went all sports are currently on indefinite hiatus. Look for companies like Zoom that are going to require creative solutions to meet the needs of a massive group of new users.

Preparation is key. Job seekers must have all relevant applications materials (references, resume, cover letters) prepared ahead of time. Competition is going to be fierce until the pandemic subsides and the economy begins to recover. Applying promptly, and with polished application materials, will be extremely beneficial.

Stay up to date on the companies or industry of relevance to you as a job seekers. Read their corporate blogs, social media posts, or the “news” section of their website. Knowing whats going on in those organizations may provide or clue or signal as to when job searches or hiring may resume.

Patience and adaptability will become a job seekers best friend. No one knows how long the pandemic will last or how it will affect the economy long term. Now is the time to broaden and diversify your skill set. The more you can do – the more positions you could potentially be qualified for. If you know you have a lack of knowledge or experience in a certain area, start working on turning that weakness into a strength. Employers will almost certainly value employees that can quickly adapt to new situations or job duties.

By Jeanette Hickl
Jeanette Hickl Jeanette Hickl