Emmitt Smith Pays it Forward Amid COVID Crisis

Dallas Regional Chamber Board Member and Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith has teamed up with the DRC to help employment outcomes in the Dallas region. If you venture out of quarantine, you might notice Smith, a Dallas native and former Dallas Cowboy football player, on billboards on major highways throughout DFW promoting his PSA campaign. Say Yes to Dallas is a talent attraction initiative aimed at bringing the best and brightest workers to the Dallas region. Once the COVID crisis began gaining momentum, citizens like Smith wanted to provide valuable resources that would help the current residents of Dallas while still marketing the value in moving to the area.

Those interested in Smith’s campaign can visit sayyestodallas.com/jobs/displaced-workers/ to find employment opportunities for essential workers broken out by industry (hospitals, grocery stores, etc.). Thousands of job listings as well as resources for those seeking childcare assistance, developing marketable skills, and filing unemployment claims are also available here. You can follow #sayyestodallas #DRCworks on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for further information.

By Amy Ferman
Amy Ferman Associate Director for Employer Services