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Quick facts
• 104 UNT students enrolled in at least one program; an increase of 20% in May and an increase of 174% in April
• 102 program completions by UNT students during June.
• 4.66 average star rating submitted by UNT students for programs in June

Most popular programs for UNT students in June
1. Accenture Consulting Virtual Experience Program
2. ANZ Job Ready Virtual Experience Program
3. DBL/RMP Work Readiness Virtual Experience Program

UNT students’ feedback that completed programs in June 2020
• Easy to follow and personable instructions. Practical skills that affect other areas of life besides just work.
• Accenture North America virtual internship program is a valuable opportunity for new college grads to lay a solid professional foundation in the field of project management and get a detailed insight on what the expertise and working ethics are owned by the professionals working at Accenture. Strongly recommend this virtual internship opportunity!
• A great experience that helped build my confidence for future opportunities.
• The best and most helpful virtual experience I have done so far! The format provided a challenge, but also plenty of guidance, and it explained why each option was better or worse. I actually feel like I learned something from this one!
• Great and engaging experience which made me think strategically and out of the box!

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By Jeanette Hickl
Jeanette Hickl Jeanette Hickl