Soaring Beyond: Nicholas Jo & Alexander Jo

MEET NICHOLAS AND ALEXANDER! They will graduate in May 2023 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. They will begin the PwC Start Internship in Summer 2021.

We asked Alexander and Nicholas some questions, advice for current students, and how UNT has helped them to succeed and SOAR BEYOND!

When you started at UNT, what were your plans after graduation? How have these plans changed?

  • Nicholas: I knew I wanted to do something with accounting, but through the help of the organizations I am involved in (ALPFA, PASS) as well as personal and professional mentors, I figured out pretty quickly I wanted to do public accounting.
  • Alexander: Although the sky’s the limit with an accounting degree from UNT, my plans have virtually remained the same, which is to go into public accounting.

What advice do you have for prospective or current students as they decide what they want their next steps to be?

  • Nicholas: The best advice I could give is get involved with organizations here at UNT. I attended the ALPFA Central Region Student Symposium this February with the UNT ALPFA Chapter where I met numerous potential employers through the workshops and career fair they had.
  • Alexander: Be honest with yourself and think about what you might want to accomplish with your future career. Equip yourself with an open mind and be prepared to learn something new everyday as you go through your classes and attend student organizations. Be humble and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

How did your program at UNT help you to feel prepared for this role?

  • Nicholas: My professors have been incredible in helping me to achieve my goals here at UNT. I actually had a professor that let me skip a class to attend a career fair, which was awesome.
  • Alexander: The accounting program at UNT is phenomenal. Both my peers and professors have helped me (and are still helping me) develop into the business professional that I want to become.

How did you find this internship program?

  • Nicholas: The UNT Meet the Firms night held every Spring semester helped me to get in contact with people from PwC regarding the internship.
  • Alexander: UNT Meet the Firms night was particularly helpful for finding out about this internship. Make sure to be professional and attend these sorts of career fairs as much as possible.

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What was the toughest interview question they asked you?

  • Nicholas: I don’t remember any question in particular that was tough, but what was tough about the interview is that firms (not just PwC) in general expect you to carry the conversation. Don’t be afraid to talk about yourself.
  • Alexander: There are no specific questions that I can remember that were tough. Be genuine in your answers and the interviewer will see that.

How, if at all, did the Career Center help you?

  • Nicholas: G. Brint Ryan College of Business Career Resource Center has helped me tremendously – if you feel at all unprepared professionally, the Career Center will help you get on track with everything, including resumes, cover letters, interviewing skills.
  • Alexander: G. Brint Ryan College of Business Career Resource Center is a fantastic resource offered to students, and I certainly took advantage of it to help me prepare for interviews and such. Students should utilize it if they should need help with interviewing, building a resume, writing a cover letter, etc. The Career Center is there to help you succeed.

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By Jeanette Hickl
Jeanette Hickl Jeanette Hickl