20 Video Interview Tips to Help You Dazzle the Hiring Manager and Get the Job

By now, you’re probably familiar with the basics of setting up for a video interview. If not, the Career Center will soon be offering Tech Checks during our Drop-ins (or Zoom-ins) this fallHowever, it always a good idea to level up your digital interviewing skills. So what is the key to interviews, whether in-person or video? According to Adrean Turner, who hosts the career podcast, Coach Adrean’s FIT Tips,is to “be confident and show [your interviewer] your true self.” 

While your goals are the same as in a traditional interview, there are a few differences in how you achieve them. You want to make sure that your interviewer can focus on your best qualities and not whether they can hear you. Here are the top 20 tips according to Muse:

  1. Prepare Like You Would for an In-Person Interview
  2. Dress to Impress
  3. Test Your Tech
  4. Set Up Your Shot
  5. Don’t Sit Too Far or Too Close
  6. Prep for Optimal Eye Contact
  7. Check for Glare
  8. Practice Your Video Interview Skills Ahead of Time
  9. Pay Attention to How You Sound, Too
  10. Write Out a Few Notes—But Refer to Them as Little as Possible
  11. Minimize Interruptions—But Take Them in Stride If They Happen
  12. “Show Up” a Few Minutes Early
  13. Start Off With a “Digital Handshake”
  14. Acknowledge the Differences
  15. Maintain Good Posture
  16. Use Your Face to Show You’re Engaged
  17. Let the Other Person Finish Speaking
  18. Signal When Your Answers Are Complete
  19. Explain Any Long Pauses
  20. Treat Your Video Interview Like a Conversation

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By Jeanette Hickl
Jeanette Hickl