Connecting with Mean Green Mentors

The Career Center is excited to partner with PeopleGrove (a.k.a. Mean Green Mentors), a popular online mentoring platform that allows for meaningful interaction between vetted mentors, alumni, and students. Many of these mentors are employers looking to hire recent graduates. We chose this platform because it has been highly successful at other universities across the nation and because it has been proven to lead to positive career outcomes for students and alumni.

Mean Green Mentors was launched fully to all students on the first class day (August 24th). During our soft launch over the summer, we already saw several students who attained job offers by means of networking online with mentors in the system.

Students who are starting out in their college careers can benefit greatly as well by interacting with established mentors as a means to gain professional advice and networking skills.

“It’s important to not only have those kinds of overall and technical skills from the Career Center but to be able to make mentors that can look back at your path and everything you’re doing and the decisions that you’re making. And it’s good to get a second opinion and a look at what you’re doing for your life. I did that with Mean Green Mentors. I met a guy named R. Mark and he has been amazing.”

– Scott Peterson, Finance major.

Mean Green Mentors is a valuable resource that will help you establish worthwhile connections that will get your career on track.

If you have not already, please go to to connect with a mentor today!

By Amy Ferman
Amy Ferman Associate Director for Employer Services