Unique Skills of Science Students

Hard Sciences Use More Than Just Hard Skills

When you think of majors that fall in areas such as biology, chemistry, physics, and math, what are the skills that come to mind? Likely, you think of analytical, critical thinking, laboratory skills, and the like. And you’d be right. All are crucial skills to have in your arsenal and all are skills gained through the completion of degrees in these areas.  UNT’s College of Science majors need to be able to collect data and they need to be able to interpret it, as well.

But What Else Do Hiring Managers Want to See?

Well, for starters, they want someone with strong communication skills. Communication skills are essential in any industry. Science is no exception. The ability to effectively communicate in print and face to face (in person and virtually) is essential. As a science major, your work will find you advancing technology and research, but it will also involve your ability to communicate your work through presentations and publications.

The ability to work independently is another in-demand skill made even more important as the world deals with COVID-19. Employers are looking for folks who can work without constant supervision while still meeting deadlines.

Micro-Internships Add Practical Experience to Your Resume

Your coursework has given you the skills required to succeed in the corporate world, but now comes the difficult part: talking about how what you’ve learned in academia will be an asset to a potential employer. One way to overcome this challenge is by accumulating experiences that demonstrate how your academic training directly translates to a real-world work setting or project. UNT’s partnership with Parker Dewey gives you the chance to apply for, and complete, Micro-Internships that can upgrade your resume with relevant experiences, while also reinforcing the skills you’ve developed in college.   

Here are a few Micro-Internships currently available through Parker Dewey:  

Website Review 

DATES: 11/16/2020 – 11/27/2020 

PAYMENT: $180.00 


CRM Data Input 

DATES: 11/23/2020 – 12/18/2020 

PAYMENT: $225.00 

DESIRED SKILLS: Basic Computer Skills 

Testing Web Application 

DATES: 11/16/2020 – 12/04/2020  

PAYMENT: $360.00 

DESIRED SKILLS: Technology, Azure Cloud, GitHub 

PPE/Mask Campus Community Organizer/Evangelists 

DATES: 11/15/2020 – 2/28/2020  

PAYMENT: $1080.00 

DESIRED SKILLS: Marketing, Sales, Partnership Development, Business Development, Community Outreach 

Market Research Report on Intellectual Property-Backed Financing 

DATES: 11/18/2020 – 2/27/2020 

PAYMENT: $45.00 

DESIRED SKILLS: Action Research 

Have you completed a micro-internship and want to be featured in our Soaring Beyond Success Series? We are accepting new Soaring Beyond submissions and we would love to hear from you! 

By Jeanette Hickl
Jeanette Hickl Jeanette Hickl