Get to Know the Career Center: Hannah Eblen

Hannah Eblen (she/her/hers): Career Services Coordinator- Specialties: I-9, Manual Data-Mining

Who We Are – Get to Know the Career Center

Get to know the UNT’s Career Center’s staff, graduate assistants, and student assistants throughout the semester. Each team member will showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusive practices for our students, alumni, and employers. Who are we, and how do we work to make sure our office is a welcoming space.


Hannah Eblen (she, her, hers) – Career Services Coordinator Specialties: I-9, Manual Data-Mining


My phone background is a commissioned cartoon art from an online artist of my wife and me. On my work PC, the background is of Simon Stålenhag art 😊. I attended the University of North Texas. I majored in General Studies (Long before they changed this degree to integrative studies!) with concentrations in Geography/Geology, Development, Family Studies, and Emergency Management. My current position is sitting upright in an office chair, working from home! (I am the Office Support Associate and specialize in I-9 and Manual Data-Mining). Fun Fact: My hair grows at twice the speed of the average human.

Describe a typical workday, tasks, and what you enjoy most about your job?

Answering emails, scheduling I-9 appointments, and completing I-9s. I enjoy doing my work effectively and efficiently. I enjoy knowing the ins and outs of the I-9 process, so I can answer student’s questions and resolve their problems with confidence.

Describe the services you provide for UNT students.

I complete I-9 work authorization for students on campus. I also “data-mine” and report their internships for them when I find them through LinkedIn or Handshake.

Why do you believe students utilize the career center? What are the benefits?

Students utilize the Career Center to maximize their college degree investment. The Career Center helps students actualize and make a reality the theoretical future they have imagined and sought via pursuing a degree of higher education.

If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with Hannah & other 1-9 Processing Personnel, connect with them via Connect with the Career Center – Career Center | University of North Texas ( 

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