Get to Know the Career Center: Chaun’ta Laurent

Chaun’ta Laurent (She/Her/Hers): Sr. Administrative Specialist

Who We Are – Get to Know the Career Center

Get to know the UNT’s Career Center’s staff, graduate assistants, and student assistants throughout the semester. Each team member will showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusive practices for our students, alumni, and employers. Who are we, and how do we work to make sure our office is a welcoming space.


Chaun’ta Laurent –  Sr. Administrative Specialist

I am from New Orleans, LA and I moved to the DFW area in 2005. I have not looked back since. I am a mother of 3; Kevin-21, Anthony-16, and London-11; and married for over 10 years to Anthony. I received my Office Technology certification from Louisiana Tech and obtained my AAS from NCTC. I am currently the Office Manager for the Career Center here at UNT and it is a very rewarding job. I am a self-certified Food Critic and Relationship Counselor. I enjoy all things food, preparing it, smelling it, tasting it (of course), and trying out new things to see what flavors I can create. I absolutely love my hometown of New Orleans, there is absolutely no other place like it in the world.

Describe a typical workday, tasks, and what you enjoy most about your job?

A typical workday for me involves checking emails and checking more emails. As the Office Manager; I have a variety of tasks and that is what I love most about my job. I never know what the day may hold for me. I can prepare budget information one minute and be off to a restaurant, for a last minute food run the next. The best thing about working in the Career Center is knowing that I am guaranteed to meet someone new everyday. I enjoy having interaction with new people and learning a little something with each encounter.

Describe the services you provide for UNT students.

The services I provide are not directly student facing, but I do believe that the support I give to the entire Career Center makes a great impact…From purchasing office supplies to assuring that each team member has what is needed to make their jobs a little less stressful.

Why do you believe students utilize the Career Center? What are the benefits? 

I believe that students utilize the Career Center because they realize that receiving their degree is not all it takes to obtain their career. They realize that having someone to bounce their dreams off, could be just what they need to decide exactly what route may be the best fit for them. The benefit of having a go-to person that can assist you with your resume, interview questions, or even just to brainstorm with is priceless. Having this support could be the difference between getting a job and finding your career.

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By Harlie Montez
Harlie Montez