The Commonality Between The Actor Will Smith and NBA Hooper Reggie Jackson

I think the actor Will Smith said it best, “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready, and that is how I run my life”.  We can learn something from Will Smith and the standout NBA basketball player Reggie Jackson! Looking at the NBA season this year so many stars have suffered heartbreaking injuries and the coaches have looked to their benches to see who’s going to step up. The Clippers star player Kawhi Leonard hurt his knee during the playoffs and Reggie Jackson was one of the players who stepped up. During the regular season, he only averaged 23 minutes and 10 points but, in the playoffs, he averaged well over that. Reggie really seized the moment! With that being said, if you stay ready and an opportunity arrives, you will have the confidence to perform at your highest level!

I remembered when I had an opportunity to interview for a position I really wanted but wasn’t ready for. I didn’t practice. I didn’t look at the job description. I didn’t research the company. I strictly relied on my strength which was my natural passion to work with people. However, not connecting passion with practice, I received the biggest rejection ever! I waited for two weeks and emailed the lady. She kindly told me that I was not selected. I asked for feedback. She responded that she was unable to provide feedback because of HR regulations. It really didn’t feel kind to me! After I finally landed from my ego trip, I realized what the problem was!  The rejection gave me direction to really invest in practicing on my interview skills. That is exactly what I did even when I did not have any opportunities on the table. I just knew that I wanted to be prepared when the opportunity came. Plus, I felt a sense of satisfaction regardless of the next outcome because I was shooting in the gym when nobody was looking metaphorically speaking. As a result, I am co-writing this blog in a new position that I love trying to encourage you.

Before the director say action, the referee blows the whistle, or you walk through those interview doors, be like Reggie Jackson and live out the Will Smith quote, “If you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready”!  





Career Coach Eric Green and Career Ambassador Raven Foster

By Eric Green
Eric Green Career Coach for all Journalism majors (Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Communication Analytics, Digital & Print Journalism, Photojournalism, Public Relations)