From 0 to 100: How I Found Purpose Through an Unlikely Source

From 0 to 100: How I Found Purpose Through An Unlikely Source

As I look back on what it has taken for me to get to this point in my young life, I begin to realize how much people are willing to help one another, especially those that do not have the support system that they would like to have due to external forces outside of their control.

Being raised in a Latino/Hispanic household, it was expected that I do well in whatever I did, especially when one must consider the fact that my parents and relatives came to the US to seek a better life not just for themselves, but for me and my younger brother. Being diagnosed with anxiety, makes a lot of things stressful in my world. I have found it difficult sometimes to even enjoy the little things because I am constantly stressing about some stuff that is outside of my control. I also let stuff go by the wayside and eventually it all catches up to me. I am learning that  planning ahead, staying on top of my work, and asking for assistance helps to better manage my anxiety. Most recently, I found an opportunity through an unlikely source that impacted my anxiety in a good way!

I really love writing and expressing myself on paper. It has a therapeutic element coupled the ability to impact others. Ironically, I was informed about an opportunity to write and contribute to a blog. I found out about it through the Freshman Career Coach Margaret Oaikena. Through that connection, I was able to meet with Eric Green, who is the Career Coach for journalism students, to learn more about this writing opportunity. It seemed very interesting, but I wanted to take a minute to think about volunteering my time to be a contributor. After thinking about it, I realized this small investment is one step towards what I would like to do in the future.

Fortunately, I had an opportunity to found a focus and cultivate a key skill. Also, It give me a platform to speak my truth and share it with others in lieu of Hispanic Heritage Month. I would encourage anyone that is presented with a new opportunity that aligns with your interest and skill, take a leap a faith and see where it takes you! This was my leap!

By: Daniel Sanchez, UNT Journalism Student

By Eric Green
Eric Green Assistant Director and Career Coach for all Journalism majors (Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Communication Analytics, Digital & Print Journalism, Photojournalism, Public Relations) and World Languages