I feel the sand shift under my suit as I slide on my nametag.

The click of the time clock is in tune with my breath, and my

thoughts are quaking, under the weight of a new bottom floor


to start on. To start with there’s introductions and explanations

of everyone’s part in the skyscraper. I hear a hundred names

matched with a hundred faces that form the foundations.


I’ve always dreamed of placing beams with a team like this

they move with grace from place to place, no worry in their eyes

no panic in their steps. I can tell how much I stand out around


people like this. People with logical sound proof ideas, months of

training, and working, and improving their talented shelfs. Their

windows of confidence visibly contributing to the world. I worry I’ll cause


catastrophe with my lack of experience and freshly ground newness.

I feel my lump of sand begin to dirty the floor and suddenly

I can’t do this anymore. I shut down. I clock out. At lunch we


all gather round. I eavesdrop and find a series of doubts.

While everyone’s eating, they start to settle down. You hear

the stress, and the worry, and I realize that they all need help


with the mess. This building is made cautiously and beautifully

through trial and error, through a best friend or two

helping each other. Someone notices me sitting alone,


they make space for me at their own table and show me

the building blocks of tools available. Not just the ones in my

tool kit, but they also let me borrow theirs, and lend me advice


that makes everything easier. At the end of the day no one really

knows how the building stands so high without falling or faltering.

But do their best to support each other so it can stand against the


gorgeous skyline that makes up this world of work. I add in my sand

to the groundwork each day, in absolute awe that this thing still stands.

I clock in to work and we build the skyscraper together the best we can.


Written by: STAR TABOR

By Eric Green
Eric Green Assistant Director and Career Coach for all Journalism majors (Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Communication Analytics, Digital & Print Journalism, Photojournalism, Public Relations) and World Languages