Daisy Gillam

Assistant Director Events & Employer Services

Daisy Gillam

Daisy Gillam is the Assistant Director of Events & Employer Services. Daisy completed her B.A. in General Studies from Southern New Hampshire University in 2020 and is currently working on her Master’s in Organizational Leadership. She likes helping UNT students by being an end resource–either giving students the answer or getting students directly to the person who has the answer. When she is not at UNT, she is outdoors, crocheting, binge watching Netflix, or starting way more projects than she ever finishes. The best piece of advice she received was, “If someone offers you a breath mint, always take the breath mint; they probably offered it to you for a reason.” She has been described as motivated, result-oriented, and flexible.

Want to find out more about our special events and fairs? Email Daisy at daisy.gillam@unt.edu.

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