Career Readiness – First Year Seminar

The UNT Career Center is committed to preparing students to be career ready because career readiness is life readiness. Our intention is that all UNT students make informed and confident decisions about their career and life goals. This seminar will include learning how to identify and communicate your transferable skills developed through your academic, work, leadership, co-curricular, community, and life experiences. Instructional materials, career ready modules, online resources, networking experiences, and career coaching are provided during the course of this seminar and throughout your UNT collegiate experience.

Modules and Learning Targets:


Self Discovery:

Learning Objective: Students will reflect upon and communicate personality, interests, skills, and values as they relate to career exploration and planning.

Pre-Test: Complete Career Readiness Pre-Test before Orientation.

Activities: Complete MyPlan Assessments including personality, interest, skills and values.

Assignment: Checkpoint 1: Reflection, Commitment, Inspired Action (Required)

Career Exploration:

Learning Objective: Students will recognize and apply knowledge gained through self-discovery to analyze how major and career options connect.

Activities: Create and upload resume; Write professional introduction; Complete mock interview.

Assignment: Checkpoint 2: Reflection, Commitment, Inspired Action (Required).

Professional Communication Skills:

Learning Objective: Students will demonstrate professional communication skills as it relates to career journey and the world of work.

Activities: Complete CareerMatch activity in MyPlan; Explore careers aligned with major.

Assignment: Checkpoint 3: Reflection, Commitment, Inspired Action (Required)

Networking & Professional Relationship Building:

Learning Objective: Students will identify strategies to develop networking skills and build professional networks.

Activities: Build LinkedIn and Handshake profiles; Complete Networking Contacts Worksheet.

Assignment: Checkpoint 4: Reflection, Commitment, Inspired Action (Required).

Now What? The Journey Continues:

Learning Objective: Students will identify and utilize career readiness resources available through the UNT Career Center.

Assignment: Complete the Career Readiness Post-Test and Checkpoint 5: Reflection, Commitment, Inspired Action Quiz (Required).

Big Interview Logo

Access Big Interview here for a variety of online training tools such as interview help, resume writing and negotiation!

Access MyPlan here to gain access to a free Career Assessment tool, whether it’s choosing your major or planning for your career, MyPlan has the tools to assist you!

Need to schedule a Resume Review for the seminar? Not only do we have drop-in sessions during the semester, you can schedule a resume review session with your career coach here!

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