Welcome to the First-Generation College Students Community!

UNT has a large population of First-Generation College Students also known as “first-gen” students. Who are first-gen students? While the definitions can be complicated, first-gen typically means that your parents did not complete a 4-year college or university degree making you the first one to attend college in your immediate family. Navigating college can be complex, especially if you are the first one in your family to attend college. First-gen students are academic trailblazers who exemplify resilience, motivation and persistence. 

As a first-gen college student, you may feel a little bit out of place in college at times but the first thing to remember is that you belong here! Taking advantage of on-campus resources will help you to find a sense of belonging on campus. One of those resources is the UNT Career Center.  We are here to support your journey through college and towards a successful career.