As you begin considering options for your future career, it’s important to think carefully about your unique interests, values, and strengths. When do you feel most energized and capable? What considerations are most important to you when thinking about your future life and career? What are your unique strengths and talents? UNT has several assessment techniques available to help you discover more about yourself so you can factor these important aspects into your choice of major and future career. The tools below are a wonderful starting point for discovering your path.


MyPlan is a computer-based assessment that helps students make well-informed decisions about their careers. Through a series of questions, it will help you identify your personality, interests, skills and values and how these qualities can impact your success and satisfaction in different career fields and environments. With dozens of easy-to-use tools, MyPlan makes getting to that information convenient, simple and fun. Log in instructions and the required license code are included in the MyPlan resource.


These Self-Reflection Questions are designed to help you think about your lifestyle preferences and career values and how they can influence your career decisions.


After you complete the MyPlan assessment, the Self-Reflection Questions, or both, be sure to schedule an appointment with your Career Coach to discuss your results and continue discovering your path.