BCG Digital Ventures Virtual Experience Program

Location: United States Experience Type: Experiential Learning

BCG Digital Ventures is the corporate innovation and digital business-building arm of Boston Consulting Group. Our mission is to invent, build, and scale industry-disrupting businesses with the world’s most influential companies.

Going beyond the scope of traditional consulting, we operate on the shoreline between pioneering and visionary tech, which allows us to capitalize on transformative opportunities and help clients disrupt the market and themselves. We work closely with clients, employing a proven process of rapid iteration that gets us from idea to impact in less than 12 months by leveraging their untapped strategic assets to create new revenue streams and sources of competitive advantage.

You will be able to access these modules at anytime, anywhere around the world providing you with flexibility to complete them in your own time and at your own pace.

On top of this, once you’ve submitted your completed tasks you will get to see some of the real world sample answers from the DV team and get to see how some of the brightest minds in innovation would have tackled these challenges.

While we encourage you to complete all 5 tasks within the program, you are only required to complete 2 tasks to receive your digital badge of completion. We do acknowledge that all 5 tasks are quite different and require specialist vocational experience in line with BCG DV’s cohorts.

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