About Micro-Internships

The UNT Career Center has partnered with Parker Dewey to bring you a more immediate and diverse talent pool for the vacancies within your companies and organizations.

Parker Dewey is a competitive opportunity for college students and recent graduates to complete short-term, paid, professional assignments in a completely virtual setting. It has proven to be a great opportunity for students and recent graduates to demonstrate their skills, gain applied experience, and build their professional portfolios as they seek the right full-time role or internship.

Benefits to YOU the Employer:

  • Ability to convert students into future interns and/or full time hires
  • No liability and paperwork required as Parker Dewey completes all HR and other legalities on their end
  • Completion of smaller scale and time-sensitive projects that don’t require training and valuable time for your staff
  • Additional mentorship opportunity for your staff and a way for them to contribute in recruiting your top talent
  • Expansion of your talent pool to underserved populations by means of this remote opportunity