Assignment: Career Exploration (Information for Faculty & Staff)

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The purpose of this assignment is to introduce students to a wide variety of career paths. The following resources and exercise will help students discover new career paths and identify which ones match their interests and goals.


For this assignment, students are asked to:

  • Learn about job families and job titles
    • Listening to a discussion led by a faculty/staff member,
    • Watching the Discover the Possibilities video (above)
  • Identify their top three job families
  • Identify 3 job titles that you’d like to learn more about
  • Understand the job duties, pay, projected growth, and other factors connected to job titles within those job families
  • Understand what skills students are developing within their major
  • Understand what skills students may need to develop outside of their major to align with their chosen job titles
  • Demonstrate comprehension by completing one of these assessments:
  1. In a class, work with a partner or small group to answer each of the discussion questions
  2. As homework, write a paper or create a presentation answering each of these questions