Assignment: Career Exploration (Information for Students)

Exploring Careers by Job Family

  • The goal of this exercise is to introduce you to a wide variety of career paths
  • To make this exercise more manageable, we have created 7 job families that each share similarities. Read the descriptions of each family to see which most closely match your interests and goals.
  • Each Job family will also highlight a small sampling of possible jobs and types of organizations that hire them.


  1.   Read through the job family descriptions on the resource provided (Sample Pathways and Career Titles) and Identify at least 2 that seem most interesting to you.
  • Which 2 Job Families seemed the most interesting based on the description?

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  1.   Now that you’ve identified areas of interest. Take a look at some of the jobs possible in each job family. Click on titles that sound exciting to learn more.
  • Which 3 Job Titles sound most interesting to you?

______________________________      ______________________________      ______________________________

  1.   Break into groups of 2-4 and discuss the following:

Discussing Job Families

  • Being as specific as you can, what interested you about the Job Families you selected?”
  • Was there anything the Job Families had in common? If yes, what were some of the similarities?

Discussing Job Titles

  • On a scale from 1-10 how much did you know about possible job titles before you started?
    • Were you already aware of the job titles in your top 3?
    • Did you learn about any new job titles that interested you?
  • What interested you about the job titles you selected?
    • Job duties
    • Pay
    • Projected growth
    • Something else. If so, describe below.
  • Were you surprised to see any of the job titles in a job family?

Discuss Your Major

  • For each Job Title, what knowledge and skills do you already have, and can you give an example?”
  • What knowledge and skills will you learn in your degree that will help you succeed in your career?
  • What are some skills or knowledge that might be missing?
  • What classes will you be taking that can help you grow in your knowledge and skills based on your Job Titles?

Gaining Additional Experience

  • What electives, minors or certifications that could help you obtain knowledge and skills useful for your career choices?
  • What opportunities outside of class that could help? Internships? Volunteering?
  • Can any of these options count towards your degree plan?


What is one thing that you can do in the next week to apply the information you learned today?


  Meet with your Career Coach & Internship Coordinator to discuss career options and identify potential experiences that can help you try out your career choices.

  • Schedule an appointment through Navigate.
  • What Can I Do With This Major? – Find career areas related to your major. Click on a major of interest to find common career areas, employers and strategies for maximizing career opportunities.
  • Mean Green Mentors – Learn about career experiences from a network of UNT Alumni and Employers.
  • Informational interviews – Talking to current professionals can give you more information about the careers you are interested in.
  • Job Shadowing – Test your career choice(s) by spending a day with a professional in the field.

  Meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss possible minors and certifications to supplement your major coursework.

  • Schedule an appointment with your academic advisor through Navigate.
  • Check out the UNT Catalog to view classes for your major, minors, certifications and possible electives.