Assignment: Written Communication – Accomplishment Statements (Information for Students)

By completing this assignment, students will understand the importance of written communication to employers and on a resume, the structure of an effective accomplishment statement, and apply this knowledge by creating accomplishment statements for a course project within their degree plan.

Activity: Draft a sample course project with your partner

Course Title, Month Year – Month Year


American Culture and Society, UNT, January 2020-April 2020

  • Learned the basic concepts of culture and cultural diversity through daily readings.
  • Developed an awareness and appreciation for the full range of diversity in the American (U.S.) culture through weekly class discussions.
  • Presented to a group of 15-20 of my peers on _________.


  • Did my partner accurately capture what I communicated verbally to them in a written form?
  • If not, what was missing and why?
  • Do you bullet points have an action verb, information about the occurrence or amount of action, details of the project or task, and results/evidence, or an outcome?
  • If not, what is missing and why?
  • Once the necessary edits are made, consider adding this course project to your resume. Feel free to resume our resume basics Also, check out the Resume Writing channel on Candid Careers.