Career and Internship Planning

It is never too early to start planning for your future. No matter what stage of your job or career search process you are in, the UNT Career Center can help you reach your professional goals. Should you need assistance or want additional personalized advice, set up an appointment to meet with your Career Coach.

  • Explore careers related to your degree: Don’t wait until you are graduating to think about the workplace. If you haven’t already, research careers related to your major or program. Do you know what jobs you will be qualified for when you graduate? To help plan your career path, conduct informational interviews with people who work with or hire people in your desired career. Ask them if your degree program and extra-curricular experiences have prepared you for the requirements employers expect. Potential employers expect job candidates to have related skills and experience, not just coursework, a good GPA, and other school achievements. To set yourself apart from other graduates, participate in internships, the Mean Green Mentoring Program, and other career-related opportunities. Learn about the Career Readiness Competencies employers report they are looking for, and find out about jobs and industries through the Career Treks Job Shadowing Program.
  • Prepare for the Job Search: Preparing for a job search is a process that begins early in your college career. Use this section as a resource for building and promoting your experience. Here’s how to get started!
    • Start Here: Begin with Self-Evaluation: 
      • Think about your experiences, including internships, part-time and summer jobs, volunteer work, extracurricular activities, research, leadership, courses, course projects, and relevant independent projects.
      • Assess what you have accomplished and the skills you have developed in each position. Take the MyPlan assessments to help you explore options and match you with careers based on your personality and interests.
    • Next: Research Your Target Market
      • Meet with a Career Coach, attend our workshops and events, and review career related resources online.
      • Use the job listings in Handshake to determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities employers are seeking.
      • Compare your qualifications to the requirements highlighted in your chosen job.