Career Assignments for Faculty and Staff

These foundational career assignments were built to support faculty and staff with integrating careers into their coursework, student organizations, and other student activities. There are plans to expand the library of assignments over time. Each assignment includes several parts to make using the assignments as easy as possible: 1) An introduction and helpful information for faculty/staff, 2) the assignment and additional information for students, and 3) a grading rubric or other assessment suggestions, if appropriate.

These same assignments are available in Canvas. You can access them after logging into your Canvas account. Click the Commons link in the Global Navigation tool bar. Search by title for the assignment you would like to use. View the assignment by clicking the title then click the Import/Download button. Search for the course(s) into which you would like to import the assignment or select the course(s) from the list. Then, click the Import into Course button. To download the file  to your computer, click the Download button. The following link shows more detailed instructions including pictures:


Written Communication – Accomplishment Statements

This assignment helps students develop accomplishment statements which are used when describing experiences on a resume.

Oral Communication – Elevator Speech

This assignment helps students develop or refine their elevator speech which can be used to spark interest in themselves when networking and speaking with employers.

Career Exploration

This assignment introduces students to a wide variety of career paths and helps them identify which ones match their interests and goals.