Gain Experience in Arts and Design

There are many opportunities for students interested in the Arts and Design job family to gain experience and add skills that are directly applicable to the workplace. Check out the options below. If you have questions about any of these programs, contact the Internship Specialist for the College associated with your major:

  • Corey Davidson supports the Colleges of: Education; Health and Public Service; Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (except for Communications and International Studies); and Music
  • Sarah Spath supports the Colleges of: Engineering; Information; Liberal Arts and Social Sciences – Communications and International Studies only; Journalism; Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism; Science; and Visual Arts and Design
  • G. Brint Ryan College of Business – Brian Hirsch, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Professional Selling and all RCOB Graduate Students and Alumni; Beth Kent, Aviation Logistics, Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Operations & Supply Chain Management; Lola Aje, BCIS; Business Analytics; Economics; Finance; Information Technology; Real Estate; and Risk, Insurance & Financial Services
  • Students at UNT at Frisco – Stacey Jones


Wondering about internship opportunities related to the Arts and Design job family?

Internship experiences completed by UNT students recently:

  • D’KOR Home Internship
  • Design Associate
  • Editor for Datalus Pictures
  • Interior Design Assistant
  • Interior Designer for Facilities Planning and Construction
  • Photo Design Stylist
  • UI/UX Designer
  • UNT Student Design Intern
Examples of internships recently posted in Handshake:

  • Audio Visual Technician
  • Content Design Internship
  • Creative Marketing Intern
  • Film Intern
  • Graphic Design Intern
  • HR Intern
  • Photo Studio/Styling Intern
  • Photographer and Media Summer Intern
  • UX Designer Intern
  • Video Production Intern
  • Visual Media Intern

Internship Alternatives

    • Forage – Are you looking for an alternative to a traditional internship? Forage is a virtual work experience program that allows students to engage in online simulations of the work done at leading companies, and the account is free. Some Forage opportunities related to the Arts and Design job family include:
    • Accenture Future Innovator in Training
    • Aon Apprenticeship Virtual Experience Program
    • BCG Design Virtual Experience Program
    • Forage Work Ready Virtual Experience
    • John Holland Make it Future Focused Virtual Internship
  • Parker Dewey – Looking for a paid, short-term experience? Parker Dewey is a competitive opportunity for students to complete professional assignments in a completely virtual setting. Some Parker Dewey employers related to Arts and Design include:
  • John Carroll University’s Laughing Girl Design program was founded in 2018 by a healthcare worker who found a creative way to unwind after her shifts and turn those designs and merch into a growing online business. The company specializes in designing Home Décor and Apparel for small towns in Ohio and creating personalized items for special occasions. Laughing Girl Design strives to source eco-friendly materials and maintain a low carbon footprint.
  • MyGuru is company with an expert team of highly qualified and experienced instructors that provides 1-1 tutoring and test prep. Their objective is to help students understand the fundamental concepts of what they are learning.
  • Stephen Mayo Coaching is a company that promotes 1-on-1 coaching for executives and entrepreneurs.