Gain Experience in Business, Industry and Applied Technology

There are many opportunities for students interested in the Business, Industry and Applied Technology job family to gain experience and add skills that are directly applicable to the workplace. Check out the options below. If you have questions about any of these programs, contact the Internship Specialist for the College associated with your major:

  • Corey Davidson supports the Colleges of: Education; Health and Public Service; Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (except for Communications and International Studies); and Music
  • Sarah Spath supports the Colleges of: Engineering; Information; Liberal Arts and Social Sciences – Communications and International Studies only; Journalism; Merchandising, Hospitality, and Tourism; Science; and Visual Arts and Design
  • G. Brint Ryan College of Business – Brian Hirsch, Accounting and Professional Selling; Dee Wilson, Marketing and Management; Beth Kent, BCIS, Business Analytics, Real Estate, Logistics, Operations, Risk Management and Financial Services; Destiny Price, BCIS; Business Analytics; Sports Management
  • Dan Naegeli supports BAAS and Project Design and Analysis at UNT at Frisco


Wondering about internship opportunities related to the Business, Industry and Applied Technology job family?

Internship experiences completed by UNT students recently:

  • Data Scientist Trainee
  • E-commerce/Digital Retailing Intern
  • Information Technology Intern
  • Interior Design Assistant
  • Inventory Management Associate
  • Library & Theatre Special Education Aide
  • Property Project Management
  • Recreation Specialist
  • Sport Management-Tournament Coordinator
Examples of internships recently posted in Handshake:

  • Apparel, Print, Textile, & Home Design Intern
  • Customer Development Sales Intern
  • Development, Production & Sourcing Intern
  • Digital Ad Operations Intern
  • Engineer Intern for Smart Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Analytics Intern
  • Google Ads Specialist
  • Information Security Intern
  • Photo Studio/Styling Intern

Internship Alternatives

  • Forage – Are you looking for an alternative to a traditional internship? Forage is a virtual work experience program that allows students to engage in online simulations of the work done at leading companies, and the account is free. Some Forage opportunities related to the Business, Industry and Applied Technology job family include:
  • Deloitte STEM Connect Virtual Experience Program
  • Engineers Without Boarders UK Globally Responsible Engineering Virtual Experience Programme
  • General Electric (GE) Experience Program
  • John Holland Virtual Internship
  • Sydney Romantics Design & Branding Virtual Experience
  • Parker Dewey – Looking for a paid, short-term experience? Parker Dewey is a competitive opportunity for students to complete professional assignments in a completely virtual setting. Some Parker Dewey employers related to Business, Industry and Applied Technology include:
  • At Verde Brand Communications we believe the world is better seen from the saddle of a bike, from five miles into a trail run, from the top of a backcountry bowl the night after it’s snowed 12-plus, from the nose of a surfboard at glass off, or halfway up the crux pitch of an alpine climb. We are a Colorado-based PR, digital marketing, and full-service, brand communications agency, with offices in Boulder and Durango, as well as Jackson, Wyoming.
  • McCall Collective is a family-owned full service brew-pub located in the heart of South Allentown.
  • Performance Foodservice, PFG’s broadline distributor, maintains a unique relationship with a variety of local customers, including independent restaurants and hotels, healthcare facilities, schools, and quick-service eateries. A team of sales reps, chefs, consultants and other experts builds close relationships with each customer, providing advice on improving operations, menu development, product selection and operational strategies.