Hear from Professionals Working in Arts and Design

Check out these videos to hear from professionals who are working in various Arts and Design fields. Learn more about their jobs and discover some that interest you.



Art Director

Art Industry Careers

Artist 1

Artist 3

Book Designer

Concert Manager

Fashion Entrepreneur

Game Designer

Graphic Designer 2

Graphic Designer 4

Industrial Designer

Interior Designer 1

Interior Designer 3

Lighting Designer

Museum Educator

Photographer 1

Photographer 3

Radio Coordinator


User Experience and Communication Designer



Art Administrator and Educator

Art Educator

Art Therapist

Artist 2

Artist and Designer

Choir Director

Drama Teacher

Film Producer

Graphic Designer 1

Graphic Designer 3

Graphic Designer 5

Interdisciplinary Art and Design & Fashion Designer

Interior Designer 2

Interior Designer 4

Museum Curator


Photographer 2

Photographer 4

Recording Artist

Social Media Careers

Visual Storyteller