How to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs

These tips for approaching a career fair are based on feedback from our employer organizations and our experience.

Tips to Get the Most Out of Career Fairs

  1. Bring many copies of your resume to submit to employers.
  2. Come prepared. Research the employers you would like to meet with and review their website and job openings. This impresses representatives because it shows a genuine interest in them.
  3. Dress appropriately. First impressions are important and so it is recommend that you wear business professional attire to put your best foot forward.
  4. Prioritize the employers you’re most interested in. If your schedule allows, you may find it easiest to start with the employers in which you’re less interested. This will allow you to hone your approach and to be most confident when you approach the employers you’re especially excited about. Be sure to balance this tip with the reality that you may have little time and that many other students may be interested in the same employers. Assume that you will need to wait to speak with some employers.
  5. Be flexible. No single employer representative is knowledgeable about all positions available, especially in a large organization.  Some reps attending fairs are there to share their experiences working at the organization and may not be involved in the hiring process. If the employer rep at the fair does not know specifically about jobs/internships of interest to you, ask for the name of someone who can help you.
  6. Introduce yourself and be prepared to give your “career pitch.” Extend your hand, say “hello” and state your name. Welcome the representative to UNT. Have your resume ready to give to the employer and be ready to talk about your career interests as well as academic and extracurricular experiences to show your skills and strengths. This information about Crafting Your Elevator Speech will help you organize what you’re going to say ahead of time.
  7. Ask the representative for his/her card, and then promptly send a thank-you note.
  8. Be courteous! Demonstrate sensitivity to other job seekers waiting to speak with employers by keeping your questions brief and offering to continue your conversation at a later time.
  9. Enjoy the fair and your interaction with the employers. Let your positive attitude show!