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Given the recent events, check out this resource – Internships: Prepare for the Unexpected.

An internship is much more than a job. It’s an experiential learning opportunity (typically one semester in length) related to your field of study that emphasizes “on-the-job” training. Other names for experiential learning are student teaching, practicum, co-op, study abroad, or service learning. Some internships are unpaid, but our program strives to promote paid opportunities. An internship or other experience is required in some degree programs, but even if it’s not a requirement you may be able to get credit for it. Check with your Academic Advisor and Internship Specialist to determine your situation. If your internship is completed for credit, there will be specific requirements set by your academic department that must be met. Regardless of your major, an internship is an extremely valuable opportunity and every UNT student is encouraged to complete at least one. To get started, meet with your Internship Specialist, review the resources on this page, check out the Internship FAQs, and watch the Internships: Student Testimonial Videos and Internships 101 video below.


Department (Major) Internship Information

To learn more about the specific internship requirements for your major, find the faculty/academic advisor who can assist you, and connect with your Internship Specialist in the Career Center who can help you with the internship process, click on the department for your major below. If you are an international student seeking an internship, you can also learn more about Internship Information for International Students.

Unpaid Internship Scholarship

Do you have an unpaid internship? The UNT Career Center is offering scholarships for undergraduate students participating in unpaid internships. The intention of the scholarship is to encourage and support experiential learning opportunities that help students prepare for their careers. Learn more about the Unpaid Internship Scholarship.

The Value of Internships

One advantage of completing an internship is that employers prefer to hire graduates who’ve gained hands-on experience related to their major. Other benefits are that it:

Extends your classroom learning into a real-world setting. Provides the opportunity to reinforce your choice of major and career path.
Allows you to gain practical experience and transferable skills by working in a professional environment. Gives you a competitive advantage in the job market because of the knowledge and skills you develop in the position.
Helps you develop a network of professional contacts in your career field. Provides insight into your future career.

Finding an Internship

Many employers are looking for students to complete internships. Check out some of the currently available positions here, and filter the list by your college. A complete list of current internship opportunities is available in Handshake. After you log in to Handshake, you can filter for internships. In addition, your Internship Specialist can give you some ideas to help you find an internship or other experiential learning opportunity.

Internships Abroad

There are opportunities for students to participate in internships abroad. Keep in mind that while these are great opportunities, there are more costs involved (airfare, fees for collaborating agencies, room & board, etc.) than a typical internship and credit may not be available. To view the available international internships, log in to Handshake and go to Search Jobs. Click on the International Internships position type and start your search. These positions are made available with the help of UNT’s Study Abroad Office.

Alternatives to the Traditional Internship

In addition to a typical internship, there are other ways for you to gain experience and learn about a particular company or profession. This resource, Internship Alternatives, explains some of the opportunities. Two examples are Forage and Parker Dewey, which are highlighted in the video and information below.


  • Forage is a virtual work experience program. What does that mean? As a student, you can engage in online simulations of the work done at leading companies. Any student, regardless of university degree, prior experience, location or year group, can experience working at some of the world’s top firms. This opportunity is free for students through our partnership with Forage.
  • Parker Dewey is a competitive opportunity for college students and recent graduates to complete short-term, paid, professional assignments in a completely virtual setting. It has proven to be a great opportunity for students and recent graduates to demonstrate their skills, gain applied experience, and build their professional portfolios as they seek the right full-time role or internship. This account is free through the UNT partnership with Parker Dewey.

Additional Sources for Internship Opportunities

Federal Internships

Additional Internship Information