Mean Green Mentors Program – Information for Mentors


Become a Mean Green Mentor 

Mean Green Mentors is a new program from the UNT Career Center and the UNT Alumni Association that connects the North Texas family with current students for mentorship and career coaching. As a mentor, you will give back by sharing professional development advice and guiding students through the job market. And don’t worry about over committing — mentors are able to control the type and frequency of connections.

Get started today! We’ll guide you along the way with resources designed to help you succeed as a mentor.

Getting Started

Watch this video on the Mentor Functionality to learn how to create an account or you can follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Getting Started as a Mean Green Mentor and click the “Join Now” button.
  2. Alumni and professionals: sign in using your preferred email address or connect using your LinkedIn or Facebook account. Faculty and staff: sign in using your regular UNT Single Sign-in
  3. Complete your profile and wait for students to reach out.
  4. While you wait to be connected with a mentee, explore Mean Green Mentors and take advantage of our career and mentor resources.

Have Questions? Check out our FAQ’s.