Message from Dean Hawley – College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism

If you are a people person—CMHT is the place for you! We are a college centered on the world’s largest consumer focused industries—hospitality, tourism, merchandising, digital retailing and event management. Everything we do in our college is relevant to preparing you to be leaders in careers that focus on the customer-experience. Our caring faculty are committed to ensure that you are prepared for a great career. You will become a creative problem solver and innovator that is ready to land a career with world-class businesses that focus on providing memorable consumer experiences. Graduates from our college have established successful careers throughout the world. Their jobs, their titles, and their career paths are each distinct, but the common thread that makes CMHT alums special is the preparedness for leadership and innovation. Literally, there are millions of job opportunities throughout the world, all focused on people. A little known secret is that these jobs have the potential of quickly earning six figure income. When you commit to a career in merchandising, hospitality or tourism…you commit to a fun and engaging future that is both personally and professionally gratifying. A world of opportunities await! Jana Hawley, Dean of the College of Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism