Message from Dean Richmond – College of Music

Career opportunities have never been more expansive or interesting than they are today. Indeed, music is everywhere in our culture, from our homes, to our tech, to our schools, to our places of worship, to our concert halls, to our armed services, and beyond. It’s an extraordinary time to join the community of professional music, and I’m so pleased that you’ve decided to be a part of America’s largest public university music program. There is strong faculty expertise and a huge community of students here who aspire to and succeed in professions including performance, composition, teaching, film/media/game scoring, and music scholarships, across a broad spectrum of musical practices including classical, jazz, popular, ancient, world, etc. We have fully developed majors in many of these areas and deep curricula in even more. We are among the most prolific providers of certified music teachers for Texas and beyond, and this curriculum provides many opportunities for pre-internships and student teaching opportunities in K-12 school settings. New internships likewise are possible in music industry, music presentation, and music non-profit settings. Your music advisors, our Sr. Associate Dean, and our colleagues at the UNT Career Center can help you find the right opportunity at the right time to build momentum in your professional preparation. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations on your career choice and your admission to the UNT College of Music. We are thrilled about the exciting future that awaits you. Sincerely, John W. Richmond, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of the College of Music