Micro-Internships Through Parker Dewey

Micro-internships are short-term, paid, professional assignments that are completed virtually. The UNT Career Center has partnered with Parker Dewey to make micro internships available to UNT students and alumni. The service is free, and you can get started at http://info.parkerdewey.com/unt. These competitive work assignments allow students and recent graduates to demonstrate their skills, gain applied experience, and build their professional portfolios as they seek the right full-time role or more traditional internship opportunity.

Micro-Internship Destination Survey 2020

• 88% of respondents who graduated in 2020 are employed. This represents an almost 25% higher employment rate than all of 2019 college graduates as reported by NACE (2020 NACE data is not available yet).
• 87% said they feel more prepared to work remotely and independently after completing projects.
• 82% reported that pay was important and they valued the opportunity to get compensated for their work.