Take Flight Job Shadowing Program

Take Flight Information for Employers

Take Flight is designed to assist students in their career exploration and development by matching them with hosts working in a career field of interest. Students who participate in Take Flight will be able to:

  • Determine how this experience fits in with their career development plan.
  • Clarify their career goals and assess if this is a career that they wish to pursue.
  • Develop a better understanding of all aspects involved in a job. Students can observe not only job characteristics and responsibilities but also what each profession requires on a day-to-day basis.

Virtual Format for Take Flight

2020 and 2021 have encouraged us to rethink our programming efforts and the ways we can partner with our employers. Because of possible complications surrounding the current pandemic, the confidentiality that may surround the work you do, or any other reason, in-person job shadowing experiences may not be the most realistic option for you and your organization. For this reason, we have re-imagined our Take Flight experience for our students as virtual.  These experiences are not limited to job shadowing. They include conducting informational interviews with our students in a group session.  In these  sessions, your organization will gain brand recognition and students can learn more about your organization’s mission and its contribution to your industry.  You also have the opportunity to share tips, tricks, and other advice with UNT students who are interested in one day working in your industry. These videos of previous Take Flight sessions will give you an idea of what a Virtual Informational Interview/Job Shadowing experience can look like.

Interested and want to know how to connect with us?  Please start this process by emailing Dani Myers at Dani.Myers@unt.edu expressing your interest in participating in our Take Flight Program. All sessions can be created in Handshake and hosted on Zoom. Our team will work with you to offer guidance on target colleges and majors, scheduling , and marketing. This experience via Zoom, with your permission, also has the ability to be recorded and posted on our website so that more students can interact with it in the future. We look forward to working with you!

Take Flight Host Role

  • Provide students with a safe learning environment focusing on career exploration
  • Learn more about potential candidates
  • Provide information about the organization
  • Prepare a schedule of activities for the student(s)
  • Complete an online survey after the job shadow

Suggested Job Shadow Activities

  • Tour of the workplace
  • Observe day-to-day activities
  • Staff meetings
  • Client interactions/meetings
  • Small hands-on projects
  • Meet with other members of the department
  • View important reports and/or data
  • Review organization vision and mission statement
  • Allow time for students to conduct an informational interview(s)
  • Debrief at the end of each day

If you’re interested in hosting a student for a shadowing experience, please contact Dani Myers at Dani.Myers@unt.edu.