Get Hired, Grads: Business, Hospitality and Merchandising Industry Panel

Hear from our panelists as they provide insight on getting hired in these various fields, including, but not limited to: how to find a job, what employers are looking for in candidates, what are the top skills that students in this industry need to have, and why. Panelists include UNT’s own Dr. Brian Hirsch, Janice Lader, and Marissa Zorola as well as industry professionals:

  • Jenna Baxter, 7-Eleven  ​
  • Stephanie Richardson, Enterprise​
  • James O. Guillory, HarDam​
  • Reginald Woolridge, Marriott​
  • Adrian Barbera, Schneider​
  • Jason Ballard, Toyota​
  • Angela Liu, Uniqlo