Virtual Networking

Jordan Jobe, Campus Recruiter at Ryan LLC, gives advice on how students can network effectively with employers using virtual tools.

Resume Basics

A UNT Career Center Ambassador explains the different types of resumes including the sections, formatting, and other rules and tips …

Interview Tips from Enterprise Holdings

Jade Vite, Group Talent Acquisition Manager at Enterprise Holdings, provides advice to help students interview more effectively.

Resume Development

Megan Namayi, Career Development Specialist at UNT at Frisco, demonstrates how to write a chronological resume.

Dining Etiquette

Appropriate dining etiquette is explained and demonstrated by a certified etiquette instructor during the Accounting Etiquette Dinner.

Getting Started with Big Interview

Find out what Big Interview has to offer and how to access the resources. Looking for more information? Check out …

Big Interview – Interview Advice Videos

Find out how to locate relevant videos within Big Interview, which are categorized by theme and provide interview tips and …

How-to Series: Virtual Drop-In Appointment Scheduling

Instructions for how to schedule a virtual, drop-in appointment.

How to Navigate Handshake

Tips and tricks for students on how to navigate Handshake.