How to Launch a Job Search in 24 Hours by Alyson Garrido

Daunted by the task of finding your next gig? Follow these 10 steps to get started.

Write Down Your Strengths
❑ Brainstorm and list 5-10 strengths.
❑ Determine which ones you want to use in a new job (sometimes your strengths aren’t what you enjoy doing!).
❑ Write a Personal Pitch

Update Your LinkedIn
❑ Update the experience section.
❑ Add a recent, professional picture.
❑ Stuff your profile with keywords.
❑ Use your personal pitch to update your summary section.

Update Your Resume (We Know—Duh)
❑ Add all your new, relevant experience.
❑ Make sure that your bullets start with a verb and include accomplishments, not just responsibilities (ex: “Increased email audience by 22%”).
❑ Have someone else proofread it.

Check Your Contact Info Everywhere
❑ Make sure your email address sounds professional and is easy to remember.
❑ Make sure your personal site’s URL is valid and links correctly.
❑ Update Your Email Signature

Listen to Your Voicemail Message
❑ Your voicemail should be professional and state your name and phone number clearly.

Plan Some Networking
❑ Schedule coffee and lunch dates with closer acquaintances.
❑ Email those you haven’t connected with in over 6 months.

Set Up Job Board Alerts
❑ Set up keyword alerts and sign up for email lists so you get the latest job postings delivered right to your inbox.

Practice Your Interview Approach
❑ You’ve added it to your resume and your LinkedIn, but are you actually comfortable saying it out loud to strangers? Run through it in front of the mirror, then ask a friend or family member to ask you about yourself.
❑ Practice answers to some of the most common interview questions.

By Jeanette Hickl
Jeanette Hickl Jeanette Hickl