Connect with the Career Center

Career Coaching and Internship Advising Meetings

Who Is My Career Coach or Internship Specialist?

  1. To find your Career Coach or Internship Specialist, select the Career Community for the College or School associated with your major. (If you don’t know the College or School, go to UNT Degree Programs list.)
  2. In your Career Community, scroll down to the section titled Personalized Career/Internship Advice and click the appropriate choice to find your Career Coach or Internship Specialist, including their location, contact information, and link to schedule an appointment.


All Majors, except Business:

  • No appointment required.
  • Hours: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:00AM to Noon; Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00 to 3:00PM.
  • To speak by phone or Zoom during Drop-In times, use Navigate. Log in, select Schedule an Appointment, then select VIEW DROP IN TIMES. Select the Career Center, then Drop-In with a Career Ambassador. Choose the given location and then view the times and days available. If an ambassador is currently available, you can use the ‘check-in’ button to notify an ambassador you are ready, and we will connect you with them. (For assistance with Zoom, see Using Zoom below.)
  • To meet in-person during Drop-In times, come to Sage Hall, Suite 280.
  • Services provided include resume writing and edits, cover letter drafting and edits, interview help, Zoom tech checks, LinkedIn headshots and more.

Business Majors:

  • During Fall, Spring and Summer semesters:
    • Monday: 10am-12pm
    • Wednesday: 12pm-2pm
    • Thursday: 12pm-2pm
  • Quick 15-minute sessions with a Career Coach; no appointment or registration required.
  • Come to BLB, Suite 037; First-come, first-served.
  • Resume and cover letter reviews, job search, LinkedIn profiles and other career questions answered.
  • Click on this Zoom link during the specified day and hours to attend. (For assistance with Zoom, see Using Zoom below.)

Using Zoom

If you would like to meet virtually for an appointment or during Drop-Ins and need assistance using Zoom, watch How to Series: Zoom for help with Zoom features and settings. For additional information, see Zoom Tech Check Guide for Students and Alumni.

I-9 Processing

I-9s are processed in-person Monday-Thursday by appointment only. Special appointments are available on Friday, if needed. An email message will be sent to your UNT email that includes a personalized link to complete the I-9 and schedule the appointment. To start the I-9 process, you must have: 1) an offer letter from the hiring department, 2) completed the onboarding, and 3) all required verification documents.

On-Demand Career Services

The Career Center website provides on-demand career services to assist you with all aspects of your career journey. Some features include:

  • Handshake Login – Access our recruiting management system that hosts fulltime and part-time jobs, internships and on-campus positions with access to more than 400,000 employers.
  • Resources and Videos – Discover career-support information focused on 1) major and career exploration, 2) resume writing, 3) professional networking, 4) interview preparation, 5) internships, 6) job search strategies, and other topics.
  • Email Alerts – Sign up to be notified about featured jobs and internships, upcoming events, and career news based on the preferences and frequency you set.
  • Featured Jobs and Internships – Select jobs and internships that can be filtered by college, job type and more.
  •  On-Campus Jobs – Learn about finding an on-campus job, the hiring process, trainings and other information.
  • Calendar of Career Events – List of career events that can be filtered by college
  • College Career Communities – Find your Career Coach and Internship Specialist and other information specific to your college/major.

Disability Accommodations

The UNT Career Center encourages persons with disabilities to participate in our events and meet with our staff. If you anticipate needing an accommodation or have questions about accessibility, please call 940-565-2105 in advance of the event or your visit.