Welcome to the Alumni Community!


The UNT Career Center provides a full range of services to support alumni in all stages of their career journey. As a graduate of UNT, you have access to career support for life including on-on-one advisement with a Career Coach, attendance at career events, and access to resources on the Career Center website. Career Coaches are available to meet by video, phone, or in person and can help you with any of the following:

  • Strategize job searches using relevant and reliable sources
  • Provide professional development resources
  • Create career documents – resume, CV, cover letter, and e-portfolio
  • Discuss career goals to research and formulate an action plan
  • Access personality and career matching tools
  • Offer personal branding training, including LinkedIn profiles
  • Learn about networking and events to engage with employers

Schedule your appointment

To find your Career Coach and schedule an appointment, select the Career Community below for the College or School that’s associated with the degree you received. If you don’t know the College or School for your degree program, you can find it using the UNT Degree Programs list!