Career Ambassadors

The Career Ambassadors are UNT students who are passionate about helping other students achieve their career goals by sharing information and resources available through the Career Center. Many of the Career Ambassadors are active in multiple aspects of the UNT community. Frequently, they can be found across campus talking with students and promoting our services to specific student populations and the student body at large. To request a Career Ambassador for an event or presentation, please follow this link.

Our Career Ambassadors also provide career development services during our quick chat hours listed at the bottom of the page.

We assist with:

  • Resume and Cover Letter Critiques
  • Career Exploration
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Mock Interviews and Interview Preparation

So stop by our office for a quick chat about your career.

Looking for the Wilson Jones Career Center Student Leadership Team? Click here to connect with the team.

Eric Green

Assistant Director and Career Coach for all Journalism majors (Advertising, Broadcast Journalism, Digital Communication Analytics, Digital & Print Journalism, Photojournalism, Public Relations) and World Languages

I am a dedicated professional who is passionate about supporting others in their personal and professional growth. As a strong lead for our Career Ambassador’s program and High School Connect program, I am committed to providing opportunities for individuals to thrive and develop.

In my role, what I appreciate most is the chance to support and empower others. I find great joy in helping individuals discover their potential and achieve their professional and personal goals. Whether it’s aiding our UNT students with their career decisions or contributing to the growth of the teams I support, I am fully invested in making a positive impact.

Outside of work, I have a deep love for live music and enjoy connecting with friends. While I take my role as a husband and father seriously, I also have a fun and adventurous side. One day, I aspire to try standup comedy, as I believe laughter is a powerful tool for bringing people together.