Schedule an Appointment

How to Schedule an Appointment

Who Is My Career Coach or Internship Specialist?

UNT Career Coaches and Internship Specialists are available for one-on-one coaching/advising sessions with students and alumni. Appointment choices include in-person, phone, Zoom (for assistance, see Using Zoom below), and email. When scheduling, please indicate how you’d like to meet. To find your Career Coach or Internship Specialist, select the Career Community for the College or School associated with your major. (If you don’t know which College or School to select, you can find it in the UNT Degree Programs list.) Once you access your Career Community, scroll down and your Career Coach and Internship Specialist will be listed in the right-hand column. Click the green button to learn more about a Career Coach or Internship Specialist.

Career Coach and Internship Specialist Locations

The Career Coaches and Internship Specialists for most majors are located in the Main Career Center in Sage Hall, Suite 202. You will find the Career Coaches for Business, Engineering, Information, and Science majors in the locations below:

  • Business majors – G. Brint Ryan College of Business Building, Suite 037 (Connect with the Career Resource Center for more information)
  • Engineering and Information majors – Discovery Park, Suite C-111
  • Science majors – Hickory Hall, Suite 283B
  • All students at UNT at Frisco meet with the Career Coach and Internship Specialist located there.

I-9 Processing

I-9s are processed in-person Monday-Thursday by appointment only. Special appointments are available on Friday, if needed. Students can schedule an appointment through Navigate. To start the I-9 process, you must have 1) an offer letter from the hiring department, 2) completed the onboarding, and 3) all required verification documents.

Quick Chats

If you don’t have time for a Career Center appointment, then Quick Chats are for you. Hours are: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 10:00AM to Noon; Tuesday and Thursday, 1:00 to 3:00PM. To speak with a Career Ambassador by phone or Zoom during Quick Chat times, use Navigate. (For assistance with Zoom, see Using Zoom below.) For an in-person meeting during Quick Chat times, come to Sage Hall, Suite 202. Services provided during Quick Chats include resume writing and edits, cover letter drafting and edits, interview help, Zoom tech checks, LinkedIn headshots and more.

Drop-In times are available for Business majors. Information about Drop-Ins is available on the Connect with the Career Resource Center page.

Using Zoom

If you would like to meet virtually for an appointment or during the Quick Chat times and need assistance using Zoom, watch the How to Series: Zoom video which explains some of the features and settings in Zoom. For additional information, see the Zoom Tech Check Guide for Students and Alumni resource.

Disability Accommodations

The UNT Career Center encourages persons with disabilities to participate in our events and meet with our staff. If you anticipate needing an accommodation or have questions about accessibility, please call 940-565-2105 in advance of the event or your visit.