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High School Career Connect

Fostering Career Readiness

High School Career Connect (HSCC) seeks to address the gap in career preparation, for whenever middle and high schools lack the career-planning resources to help students make an informed endorsement choice or post-secondary choice.

Through working with middle and high schools around the Denton County area and beyond, HSCC provides students and their parents with career assessments, guidance, and planning resources to help make an informed choice.

HSCC conducts one-to-one mentorships, class presentations, assemblies, workshops, & fairs to provide students with the career resources needed to navigate their desired career path.

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Through HSCC’s one-on-one peer mentors and based on a student’s skills and interests, HSCC maps the primary high school-to-career paths (jobs, certificates, and college degrees), then helps formulate career strategies.

We are constantly growing our team at HSCC; with our recent integration with the Career Center, we are looking for UNT students to help guide middle and high schoolers through the journey of college applications and their next step in their career path.