On-campus interviews take place in our Career Center where we have 23 interview suites that can be utilized by a variety of employers. Any UNT employer who has an active job posting in the Handshake system can reserve an interview suite at any point during the year. We also host themed weeks like “Accounting Weeks” each fall and spring.

Ashley Waggoner, Interview Coordinator, oversees the Interview Suite activity. She can be reached at ashley.waggoner@unt.edu.

Please note that the suites are available from 9AM to 4PM, with your last interview ending at 4:30PM. The Career Center interview suite area closes promptly at 5PM.

Interview Schedule Information & Details

  1. Select PRESELECT as the type 
    • PRESELECT involves a system AND Employer screening process. Students who meet the requirements of the job that is linked to the schedule can submit an interview request. Once the deadline is reached, employers review interview requests and make decisions on all interview candidates. Candidates must wait until the appropriate sign-up date to select an interview time.
  2. Preferred Interview Date
    •  Please submit a schedule request for each day that you would like to interview students.
  3. Interview Times
    • First Interview Start Time: may begin as early as 9:00AM
    • Last Interview Start Time: may begin as late as 4:00PM
  4. Number of Rooms
    • Please specify how many interview suites you would like. Please note that if you wish to bring a greeter, they are welcome to greet students in the waiting area, but not a separate interview suite.
  5. Select Interview Session Preference
    • Please choose your interview timeslot preference.
  6. Manage jobs
    • You can connect an existing job to the schedule, or create a new job from this window.

Post Handshake Sign-Up

  1. You will receive a confirmation email a few days before the interview along with helpful interview tips and a location map.
  2. Coffee is provided the day of the interviews. A packet of resumes and your schedule of interviews will be provided upon your arrival. You can verify your schedule in Handshake.

No Show Policy

  1. Our Career Center holds students accountable for missed interviews and encourages employers to communicate any no shows to the Employer Services Team.
  2. Candidates may remove themselves from an interview schedule through the Handshake system up to two working days prior to the on-campus interview. A cancellation occurring after this time is considered a no-show.
  3. Due to the professional nature of on-campus interviews, the following policy will be enforced when a candidate fails to cancel in a timely manner or fails to show up for a previously scheduled interview. Candidates who no show for an interview will be temporarily suspended from using the Handshake system. We will make exceptions in extreme circumstances.