On-campus interviews take place in our Career Center where we have 23 interview suites that can be utilized by a variety of employers. Any UNT employer who has an active job posting in the Handshake system can reserve an interview suite at any point during the year. We also host themed weeks like “Accounting Weeks” each fall and spring.

Ashley Waggoner, Coordinator for Events and Employer Services, oversees the Interview Suites. She can be reached at ashley.waggoner@unt.edu.

Please note that the suites are available from 9AM to 4PM, with your last interview ending at 4:30PM. The Career Center interview suite area closes promptly at 5PM.


Student Information

Some Employers will plan early in the semester for their on campus interviews, and some will reserve a week before. Handshake has a guide to viewing upcoming interviews and/or following the UNT Career Center social media pages for upcoming interviews

This is where the employer creates the schedule and application process happens externally. Students can only view the date of the interview in Handshake. Most employers will be attending a Career Fair with a sign-up sheet for the on campus interviews they are attending. Discuss the details with the employer to learn more.

Students will be applying for a job in Handshake using their profile resume, then immediately scheduling the interview. Be aware of the start and end deadline to apply as listed in Handshake.

Students will be applying for a job in Handshake using their profile resume and there is a start and end deadline to apply in the system. The employers will then select primary and alternate candidates, while declining other candidates. Primary candidates will be able to select interview time slots first, then alternate candidates will select after. Handshake will send students an email when they’ve been designated as primary, alternate or declined.

  1. Our Career Center holds students accountable for missed interviews and encourages employers to communicate any no shows to the Employer Services Team.
  2. Candidates may remove themselves from an interview schedule through the Handshake system up to two working days prior to the on-campus interview. A cancellation occurring after this time is considered a no-show.
  3. Due to the professional nature of on-campus interviews, the following policy will be enforced when a candidate fails to cancel in a timely manner or fails to show up for a previously scheduled interview. Candidates who no show for an interview will be temporarily suspended from using the Handshake system. We will make exceptions in extreme circumstances.

The Career Center, Sage Hall, Suite 202. Check in at the front desk and be seated in the lobby where your interviewer will come greet you.

Yes you can! Please note:

• At least 24 hours in advance (preferably 48 hours in advance), students/alumni who have an upcoming phone or virtual interview may complete the request form below to use one of the interview rooms in the UNT Career Center (see location options in form).

• Note: Completing the form below does not guarantee that a room will be available and approved for a reservation. Reservations will only be approved when a space is available for the date/time requested. After completing the form, a staff member will be in contact with you regarding your reservation.

• The interview suites are available from 9AM to 4:30PM as the Career Center interview suite area closes promptly at 5PM.

Interview Suite Request

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Time of Interview(Required)
Note: The location you select may not be available, in which case one of the Career Center members will reach out to you.

Employer Information

Go to Handshake. Ashley Waggoner will reach out to you within 2-4 business days. Ashley will follow up with you via email from the contact information provided in Handshake regarding details to finalize approval.

We do not schedule interviews on the day of a Career Fair. This is due to staffing limitations.

This is best used for employers that are attending career fairs that want to network with students to find potential candidates while on campus. This timeline is also helpful when using an employer’s own external application system. The schedule will need to be provided before the interviews begin.

This is best used for employers who are open to a wide applicant pool. This will include an application start and end interview time slot.

This is best used for employers who are looking for a specific applicant. This will allow the employer to select applicants as either primary or alternate. You will also be able to decline applicants that apply. These students will have an apply start and end deadline, then the employer will have a deadline to select candidates, then the applicants that are primary will select interview slots first.

About a week before your on campus interview, you will be sent an email including information about the interviews, where to park, location of Career Center etc.

We outreach our Career Coaches within the colleges to communicate with their students, and post on social media. Our Career Center Marketing Team will create flyers that employers can share also.