Donald Trump Issues Executive Orders Limiting Temporary Work Visas

According to USA Today, the freeze applies to H-1B visas designed for high-skilled workers, particularly in the tech industry, and H-2B visas used by seasonal workers, such as in the construction and hospitality industries. Others that are impacted are H-4 visas given to spouses of H-1B visa holders; L-1 visas for executives who work for large corporations; and some J-1 visas for scholars and professors.

What does this mean for our UNT international students?

In the context of our international students, if they are inside the U.S., this order does not impact them. The Executive Order only impacts individuals applying for H1B visa stamps (and their H4 dependent family members) abroad. If an individual is inside the United States on June 24th, they can still apply for H1B status through USCIS inside the United States. This Executive Order also does not impact their Optional Practical Training or Curricular Practical Training – both are work authorizations tied to F-1 status.

For more updates on immigration please see UNT Office of International Affairs.

David Jackson, John Fritze, and Michael Collins for USA Today

Lauren Jacobsen-Bridges, Director, UNT International Student & Scholar Services


By Marcy Bishop-Lilley
Marcy Bishop-Lilley