What Are Micro-Internships?  

Experience is the name of the game when it comes to landing the job you want fresh out of college. Your academic studies provide a strong foundation upon which to build your career, but employers will want to see evidence that you can apply what you’ve learned in a professional setting. For students who feel their resumes could use some practical workplace experience to compliment their academic achievements, pursing a Micro-Internship could be exactly the opportunity they’ve been looking for.

What Exactly are Micro-Internships?  

Micro-Internships are short-term “gigs” or assignments that are project-based.  The average internship lasts an average of ten to fifteen weeks. That can be a great learning opportunity for students who are able to invest that amount of time. For those individuals with more hectic schedules, Micro-Internships give them a chance to gain experience in a shorter amount of time. Micro-Internships also allow students who may be unsure of exactly what they want to do after college to explore many different potential careers while adding relevant experience and building their professional network. 

Here are some additional benefits that students can gain from participating in Micro-Internships: 

  • Get exposure to different career fields or develop specific skills that will help you reach your professional goals.
  • Gain applicable  experience and industry-specific knowledge in less time than it takes to complete a full internship . 
  • Drastically improve your resume while taking advantage of the flexibility that short-term, remote projects offer .
  • Some Micro-Internships are paid. (Including all postings on Parker Dewey.)

Are Students Doing Micro-Internships on My Campus?

Absolutely! Micro-Internship are an exciting new wrinkle in the field of experiential learning, but many students are already sharing their stories of success. UNT alumnus Patrick Melville recently completed a web development Micro-Internship facilitated through the Parker Dewey platform. The strong partnership between UNT and Parker Dewey is just one of the ways our students can use Micro-Internships to improve their resumes by adding professional experiences that directly translate to their chosen career fields.

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By Aaron Anderson
Aaron Anderson Internship Specialist