Internship Graduation Cords

Did you know that if you are graduating and have completed an internship during your time at UNT, you are eligible to receive a platinum graduation cord?

It’s super easy! Follow these steps:

  1. Fill out this brief form on Handshake about your internship. Select “Not For Credit” as your Experience Type.
    • If you have previously filled out this form to receive course credit for an internship, then you are already done!
  2. Arrange a time to come in-person to the main Career Center at Sage Hall to pick up your cord. Schedule a “Graduation Cord – Internships” appointment in Navigate.
    • (First select “Career Center: Internships,” then select “Graduation Cord – Internships.” The staff member you select does not matter and you do not need to indicate a preference.)
  3. Come to the office at your selected time to pick up your cord.


For any questions about the process, contact

Bonus, complete the First Destination Survey.


By Caroline Frey
Caroline Frey Internship Specialist Caroline Frey