Get to Know the Career Center: Brandon Salazar

Brandon Salazar (he/him/his): Video and Photo Assistant

Who We Are – Get to Know the Career Center

Get to know the UNT’s Career Center’s staff, graduate assistants, and student assistants throughout the semester. Each team member will showcase their commitment to diversity and inclusive practices for our students, alumni, and employers. Who are we, and how do we work to make sure our office is a welcoming space.


Brandon Salazar –  Video and Photo Assistant

I graduated from UNT in 2019 with a degree in Radio, Television, Video, and Film (RTVF). I grew up in South Texas in the Rio Grande Valley and since moving to Denton to attend UNT, I have developed my skills as a videographer/editor/photographer. I was not able to study my passion for film in my home city so I was excited to come to UNT and finally get started on my career. I don’t have a favorite movie, but my favorite genre is horror!

Describe a typical workday, tasks, and what you enjoy most about your job?

Besides the regular tasks of checking emails or attending meetings,  I work on editing anything video or photo that is created for the Career Center. This includes editing our professional headshots and  finalizing any videos that will be posted on either our YouTube Channel or our Website.  

Describe the services you provide for UNT students.

Direct services for students would include editing any headshots that need editing. Our Career Ambassadors have drop-in hours and they take the photos, I just edit them. Besides that my services are more for the editing/production (using our video and audio equipment) side of our video and photo content that we use.

Why do you believe students utilize the Career Center? What are the benefits?

I believe students utilize the Career Center to find the right career path and any on-campus job if needed. We have a ton of benefits, I believe, that most students don’t know of. I think setting up an appointment with a career advisor and having that 1 on 1 conversation about your future is crucial.


If you are interested in scheduling a meeting with Brandon Salazar, connect with Brandon via Connect with the Career Center – Career Center | University of North Texas (

By Harlie Montez
Harlie Montez