Other Opportunities for Experience


Employers value prospective employees who have experience. As a student, you can acquire experience through many different opportunities. Check out some of the options below that will help you gain experience and be better prepared for your future career.


Career Treks is a job shadowing program spanning the course of one to five days. The program gives students the opportunity to visit companies and organizations primarily in the DFW area to explore careers, network with professionals, and to learn about career options related to their major. This event is a stepping-stone for students to receive insight into their career field. Through this event, students can build connections to aid in their future career goals, such as internships and job placement after graduation.

Job shadowing is an awesome way to learn what “a day in the life of” a professional in your career field looks like. To learn more about this program, schedule an appointment with your Career Coach. You can also check out the opportunities in Handshake under Events and on the website under Events-Job Shadowing.


Leadership is one of the key attributes employers seek in new employees. Leadership can be shown in multiple ways. Taking an officer role in a registered UNT Student Organization is one of the best ways of gaining leadership experience. Also look for opportunities to volunteer as a leader in other community activities and organizations you are involved in, and don’t forget to include them on your resume. 


Part-time employment can be an excellent way of gaining experience and transferable skills which will increase your value to potential employers upon your graduation. Look for jobs that provide some exposure to your intended career path ideally; think about scribing if you are interested in health professions or tutoring if you are interested in teaching. Even if your part-time job is not directly related to your intended career, you will still gain experience and soft skills that employers value such as customer service, reliability and attention to detail. There are a lot of great part-time employment opportunities for UNT students in Handshake. Just log in using your UNT credentials, click on Jobs, and then search Part-Time Employment.


Multi-cultural and global intelligence is increasingly important in workplaces and highly valued by today’s employers. Use the opportunity to Study Abroad to build your awareness and appreciation for other cultures and learn from your fellow world citizens!  Don’t forget to spotlight your Study Abroad experience on your resume – just book an appointment with a UNT Career Coach if you need help.


Volunteering at a community organization is a wonderful way to gain experience and professional references. Research non-profits that are directly or indirectly related to your major and anticipated career path. Thinking of pursuing veterinary school? Volunteer with SPCA or a similar organization! If you’re interested in a career in real estate, get involved with Habitat for Humanity or a similar nonprofit. You get the idea! A local church, synagogue or mosque can be another great way of gaining volunteer experience and building references, and they are usually delighted to have volunteers. Even if just a few hours a month, it can make a difference for them and YOU!

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