CVAD Career Roundtable – Session X, Using Freelancing to Find and Land Jobs

Starting at Brown University, Providence, R.I., the Pangea app is now used by students from more than 1,500 different colleges who have collectively earned more than $1 million through the platform. Adam was named one of the 25u25 in Rhode Island and has been featured in Inc. Magazine, Forbes, Techcrunch, and the Boston Globe.

Pangea’s mission is to create a community where students have equal access to opportunity and feel valued for their work. By 2030, most of the U.S. workforce will freelance. They aim to enable students at the beginning of their work-life to start and grow their own freelance businesses while still in school.

Students from all colleges and disciplines are invited to the CVAD Career Roundtable. Students have an opportunity to discuss and discover career opportunities during the Career Roundtable events presented by CVAD Foundations and UNT Career Center staff members. The online forum is for students to discuss and discover career opportunities in visual arts, design, museum studies, art education, art history, and other fields — that may or may not relate to art and design.