Digital Customer Journey Analyst, Owens Corning

Lance is a Digital Customer Journey Analyst with Owens Corning. Based out of Toledo, Ohio, Lance’s main role is to ensure that his customer’s experience through their journey of doing business with Owens Corning is “seamless, enriched and smooth as possible.” Currently Lance is working on implementing a new digital infrastructure for handling customer lead data; a project that the company has decided to roll out worldwide!/nall the way to when we enter price agreements with our customers into our ERP systems. This includes a heavy focus over SAP customer master data and understanding deployment & integration requirements. With that, I’ll also be responsible for leading integrations between Dynamics CRM & various technology solutions, that can provide impact for the company. By utilizing tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we can better equip the business with insight of the journey our customers take, as they interact with Owens Corning. My role gives me the platform to touch multiple IS systems, which in return provides a broader range of IS experiences & skills.