Testimonial: Gabriel Mireles, BBA in Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management Major

Gabriel Mireles, UNT Alumnus, discusses what has contributed to his success including an internship, student organization and leadership experience, and taking advantage of the programs and information provided by the UNT Career Center.

Testimonial: Julian Placino, BBA in Marketing Major

Julian Placino, UNT Alumnus, discusses his career path and the pivotal moments along the way including his experience as a student at UNT.

COVID-19 Employer Response Panel

A panel of employers and UNT faculty, hosted by staff from the UNT Career Center, discuss the impact of COVID-19 on job and internship opportunities and provide advice.  

The "Principals" of Interviewing

Robert Mason, Coordinator of Talent Acquisition and Retention for Aurora Public Schools (in metropolitan Denver, Colorado), explains what school administrators are looking for in an interview and strategies to enhance your job search.

Mean Green Mentors – Mentor Functionality

Mentors: UNT alumni and some of our amazing employer partners are invited to serve as mentors in the Mean Green …

Networking Basics

Dr. Brian Hirsch, Senior Associate Director of the Career Resource Center in the Ryan College of Business, talks about the …

Testimonial: Matthew Rader – MA in Interaction Design, UNT at Frisco

Matthew Rader, UNT Alumnus, shares the strategies he used to conduct a successful job search including a review of his …

The Road Ahead – Fall 2020

Dr. Brian Hirsch, Senior Associate Director of the Career Resource Center in the G. Brint Ryan College of Business, provides …

Launching Your Career During COVID-19

Scott Peterson, UNT student, talks about interviewing for an internship during COVID-19 and what he did to prepare.

Backpack and Beyond: First Flight Session

Join three UNT Internship Specialists (Aaron Anderson, Corey Davidson, and Caroline Frey) to learn why an internship is relevant to …

The Benefit of Mentorship

Andrea Masamba talks about the positive experience she had working with a mentor. (We recommend turning on closed captions due …

Why Should I Try Mean Green Mentors?

Scott Peterson, UNT student, talks about his experience working with a mentor through the Mean Green Mentors Program and how …

Testimonial: Clint Zintgraff, PhD in Learning Technologies

Clint Zintgraff, UNT Alumnus, talks about his process for determining the best career fit for himself.